SSG-VC-164 Headscissor Overload

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-164 Headscissor Overload

SSG-VC-164 Headscissor Overload  Mia returns to the mats after a few years on hiatus. Arianne was more than happy to welcome her back with some head scissor challenges. They both applied 3 scissors of their choosing to see who could outlast one another.  Arianne starts the show out with her reverse straight leg scissor. This is one of her poweful scissors in her arsenal of scissors and feeds it to Mia. Once she locks on the scissor and applies pressure, Mia’s face is covered in despair and pain. she endures squeezing over and over with her face getting lifted practically into Arianne’s ass with each squeeze. Now it’s Mia’s turn and she uses a straight leg forward scissor. Arianne’s head is lost in Mia’s thighs as they are wrapped around her neck and face. It does not take long before Mia had Arianne tapping out, coughing and unable to breath because of it. when Mia tightens her grip, Arianne’s arms and legs begin to flail about as she was in quite a bit of pain. Mia really punishes Arianne sometimes loosening then tightening the scissors back up quickly. Arianne screams out in pain repeatedly every time Mia locks her thighs together. Arianne then has Mia on her hands and knees as she stands in reverse then leans over Mia locking her legs tightly around her neck. Now Mia has to support Arianne’s weight and has to try and withstand her scissors. the more that Arianne squeezed the weaker Mia was getting. She actually fell down to her elbows in order to support herself and Arianne. the next scissor Mia chooses was to sit behind Arianne and do a straight leg. Mia squishes Arianne’s face in her thighs making her screech out in pain tapping over and over from the pain. Arianne then does a scissor where Mia is on her stomach, Arianne is facing backwards and locks on an insanely painful figure four. This scissor just alone after a few squeezes nearly snaps Mia’s jaw right off her face. She then uses a a straight leg to finish the scissor off. See for yourself just how badly Mia suffered in that scissor. In fact it proved to bee too much for her as Arianne had put her out with it. Once Mia came to, she uses her last scissor on Arianne, a seated cross legged one. Now Arianne has the brunt of all Mia’s weight pounding down on her chest while Mia’s thighs engulf her head and face. As she sat on Arianne’s neck applying pressure she kept thinking about how Arianne made her go out. Now it was the perfect opportunity to pay her back the exact same way. So when Arianne was tapping out at the end, Mia kept the pressure on and watched Arianne panic tap until her arms fell limp. the camera girl then said to her “i think you knocked her out”. Payback, and once Arianne comes to we are sure to see more aggressive action between these two.


SSG-VC-164 Scissor Overload.