SSG-VC-015- Jacuzzi Squeeze Fest


joinnow SSG-VC-015- Jacuzzi Squeeze Fest
Paige, Cynara and A-Low Cat all decided they wanted to relax in the jacuzzi after a hard days work. Paige sat in the middle taking most of the room. A-Low Cat and Cynara began to complain and Paige called them both fat for taking all the room. Well both girls got angry, and decided to teach Paige a lesson in manners she soon won’t forget. All the girls were dressed in sexy bikini’s and the squeezefest began. A-Low went for the headscissors, and Cynara wrapped her long muscular legs around Paige’s waist. You can see Paige slowly get broken down now with both girls applying full blown body and head scissors. Paige tries to hang on and be stubborn from tapping, but that was impossible. A-Low Cat is small, but extremely powerful, and once she clamped on those super sexy legs of hers, Paige was in trouble. A-Low Cat also mixes it up with her scissors, show casing her abilities to scissor anyone literally anywhere. She used the jacuzzi for leverage, applying figure four headscissors, reverse scissors, and seated scissors. Paige was turning shades of purple at some points in this clip. Cynara and A-Low Cat were convinced to make Paige apologize and say she was sorry for calling them fat. With just the right amount of scissor pressure that both girls poured onto Paige, they squeezed a submission, AND an apology from her, knowing they were not going to let up until Paige did exactly that. Superb strength, sexy ladies and a hot tub/jacuzzi, perfect combination.



photoset SSG-VC-015- Jacuzzi Squeeze Fest



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  1. Nate says:

    A-Low & Cynara have such amazing bodies & they look absolutely beautiful in those sexy Bikinis & i absolutely love A-Low Headscissors & Cynara’s BodyScissors on Paige! in the Jacuzzi!