SSG-VC-314 Dual Scissor Showdown

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SSG-VC-314 Dual Scissor Showdown- Chadam and Arianne compete in quite the scissor battle. Chadam steps up his game against Arianne in this match. With both not wanting to lose they apply a barrage of head scissors. Chadam gets Arianne trapped in some tight scissors, even pulling her face into his crotch smothering her while squeezing.

He manages to get quite a few taps out of Arianne using different scissors, and escaping a few of hers. but Arianne is tough and fights back, using her superior leg strength to weaken him. Her reverse straight leg is insanely strong, and impossible to escape. Looks as though when the match goes on, Chadam is finding it harder to get scissors put on Arianne and struggles with it.

Arianne keeps on pouring on the pain and pressure eventually wearing him out and claiming a very close victory. Hopefully next time Chadam will finally prevail and beat her.