SSG-VC-116 Sarahs Jacuzzi Scissors


SSG-VC-116 Sarahs Jacuzzi Scissors  This was Sam’s first ever encounter with the great Sarah Brooke. Sam had no idea what to expect and she was in some serious trouble almost right from the start.  Sam is sitting in the tub, with Sarah directly behind her, legs already around Sam’s neck. Sarah barely squeezes and Sam’s face already winced in pain, as Sarah slowly locks on the scissor. Sarah verbally taunts and humiliates Sam while she keeps squeezing. Sam’s taps become more frequent with each squeeze. There came a point when Sam was being squeezed so hard that she started coughing almost losing consciousness.  The intensity grew with Sarah even saying “i think i can hear your jaw grinding” squeezing with her thighs. Sarah changes to do a reverse knotted figure four, and she showcases her superior leg and arm power, squeezing, and holding herself up on the edge of the tub. Sam’s face turned all shades of colors, her face showing complete desperation. Sarah keeps Sam’s head locked between her thighs and now switches to a reverse. Sam’s face was practically planted in Sarah’s ass now. Sarah ended up squeezing so hard Sam was coughing yet again, and Sarah belittles her telling her not to cough in her ass. Sarah felt Sam was misbehaving and wanted to teach her a lesson. She releases that scissor, goes behind Sam and strips her top off. Sarah puts Sam’s arms in front of her and ties them with her own bikini top. Sarah punishes Sam further with another reverse scissor, still taunting and verbally bashing Sam. Sarah lets Sam go, and puts her face down over the edge of the tub. Sarah then steps over Sam and locks her into a standing scissor. While squeezing her, Sarah removes her own top,  and when she finished scissoring Sam, she took her bikini top and wrapped it around Sam’s head and mouth. Now muffling Sam’s cries, Sarah goes back to the reverse standing scissor. Wanting to make things easier for herself, Sarah lays on the edge of the tub now, Sam still face down and scissors her more that way. Figuring Sam has had enough, she tapped one last time, and Sam was feeling the pain, and the wrath from Sarah’s brutal scissors.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-116 Sarahs Jacuzzi Scissors


photoset SSG-VC-116 Sarahs Jacuzzi Scissors
SSG-VC-116 Saras Jacuzzi Scissors.