SSG-VC-202 AJ Defeats Sarah Brooke

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-202 AJ Defeats Sarah Brooke

SSG-VC-202 AJ Defeats Sarah Brooke  AJ is fairly new on the scene, but she has climbed the ranks rather quickly. Now she faces one of her toughest opponents yet, Sarah Brooke. They lock up, slowly feeling each other out, and Sarah takes AJ to the mats. Working her way around, Sarah gets behind AJ and gets her into a straight leg scissor from behind. AJ was shocked at the power of Sarah’s scissors as her face winces in dire pain almost instantly. Sarah starts trash talking AJ while she keeps her trapped tightly in her thighs, squeezing the life out of AJ. AJ is stubborn and quite tough so she fights through the pain, then as Sarah tries to transition, AJ goes on the attack. Moving quickly into reverse, AJ was about to show Sarah what her reverse straight leg felt like as she clamps  down hard around Sarah’s neck. Now it was Sarah’s turn to face the wrath of AJ’s scissors. For what seemed like an eternity AJ manages to keep her straight leg scissor on for quite some time, making Sarah tap out a lot. AJ tries to switch moves, and Sarah fights back hard to try and get back on top. Unfortunately AJ was well prepared and in their shuffle, AJ traps Sarah in a forward scissor now as she lay on her back. Rolling to her side AJ uses a figure four squeezing Sarah hard. Sarah is desperate to get out, and finally makes her way out of AJ’s hold. Sarah dishes out some reverse straight leg, and figure four’s. But as Sarah gloats shaking her ass in AJ’s face and getting off her, she realized that was a mistake. AJ pounces on top in a schoolgirl pin, pulls Sarah’s head deep into her thighs then rolls to her side. Between using straight leg and figure four’s Sarah wanted out, badly. As she escapes, she slams AJ to the mats, and locks on a grueling forward straight leg across the neck scissor. AJ really felt the pressure of this hold, her face turning quite red, as she fights to get out. They stay in this hold for a bit, until AJ finds a way out. Now that she broke free, she wanted to make sure Sarah was not going to go anywhere and uses her reverse straight leg scissor again. With Sarah’s face practically buried in AJ’s ass, each squeeze wore her down more and more. AJ rolls to her side, Sarah’s face planted firmly between her thighs, her face in her butt. Sarah was overwhelmed by AJ’s superior power and endurance, with each squeeze Sarah was nearing going out. Finally without even being asked, Sarah threw in the towel for fear of being KO’d and she quit. Sarah was practically begging to be released saying she can’t take it anymore. This was a true victory for new girl AJ going against her experienced opponent, Sarah.


SSG-VC-202 AJ Defeats Sarah Brooke.

photoset SSG-VC-202 AJ Defeats Sarah Brooke

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