SSG-VC-244 Backyard Headscissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-244 Backyard Headscissors

SSG-VC-244 Backyard Headscissors  Chadam and Cynara meet in a private yard to settle their differences. First chadam tests Cynara’s punching power and gets her to strike his hands. He made the off remark that woman are weak, and that set Cynara off. She pulls him into her locking on a guillotine bodyscissor. Then she easily gets her long powerful thighs draped around his head. She has no problem pouring on the pressure making him suffer.

Cynara switches from scissor to scissor, dominating and inflicting as much pain as possible. The insults fly back and fourth as Cynara squeezes and taunts him. From straight leg to figure fours, Cynara is tearing him apart. As Cynara lays on her side, chadam trapped in a reverse figure four, she simply tightened the grip so hard and lifted up rapidly, putting chadam out once and for all. Don’t mess with this amazon and her enormously powerful thighs.

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