SSG-VC-149 The Scissor Hellraiser

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-149 The Scissor Hellraiser

SSG-VC-149 the Scissor Hellraiser  Watch this clip and be totally intrigued as Aubrey lays down some of the most intense scissors ever. This girl is all muscle and full of energetic power. Her legs ripple with each squeeze of bone crushing, neck twisting headscissors.  she utilizes multiple headscissors, each wearing chadam down to the brink of going out. What makes this clip even better, she is all wet and oiled up, accentuating her true muscle definition. Some of her scissors include, straight leg scissors, amazingly tight reverse figure four smothering scissors just to name a few. You can see chadam’s face grown not only red but deep purple each time she flexes and applies more and more pressure with each squeeze. Aubrey is in love with inflicting pain, and smiles from ear to ear the harder Chadam struggles and squeals like a little bitch between her thighs. Aubrey holds all the cards and control in this clip dominating with scissors. You would not expect such brutality from such an attractive girl, nor would you think just by looking at her that she enjoys punishing him. She also uses a reverse figure four, where she catches him around his throat with her calf muscles, and easily draws all the air out of his lungs, weakening him severely. You can see there were a few times he was trying to pinch her as the pain was too much, but she simply ignored it. With all the different scissors she uses in this clip, we know for certain, Chadam would need quite some time to recover from this. Aubrey’s last scissor was the ultimate finisher, as Chadam just could not take it anymore, and he actually goes out and Aubrey didn’t even notice. The camera girl had to tell Aubrey she put him out. This is a hot ass clip, with a mean hot ass girl. Small girl, dangerous legs, and a truly sadistic side of Aubrey not to be missed.

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SSG-VC-149 the Scissor Hellraiser.

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