SSG-VC-233 Kendalls Powerful Grip

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-233 Kendalls Powerful Grip



SSG-VC-233 Kendalls Powerful Grip  Kendall is a tough girl who towers over chadam with long muscular legs. She decides to take a different approach to break him down. Knowing that body scissors and rear naked chokes are his weakness, she preys on that. You can see the sheer pain on his face as he is trapped time and time again in her holds. Her powerful arms were snaked around his neck, while her tanned chiseled legs were wrapped tightly around his ribs and midsection. With each squeeze he cringes feeling his insides being squashed, and the air leaving his lungs in a rapid pace. After keeping chadam in the body scissor rear naked choke combo, she deices to hammer on the head scissors, inflicting just as much pain as the holds before. Her legs are so strong she manages to even trap his arms above his head and nearly snap his shoulders from the hold. Her smothering figure four is quite tight causing him to tap quick. This clip is short, but the damage that Kendall inflicted will have an ever lasting effect on chadam.


SSG-VC-233 Kendalls PowerfulGrip.

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