SSG-VC-090 – Squeezing The Lazy Loser

SSG-VC-090 – Squeezing The Lazy Loser  Chadam was supposed to help Arianne move some stuff into the basement but decided to just lounge around on the couch and be lazy. Well she was going to have nothing to do with this, and decided to confront him. Things did not look good for him after that. She pounced on him while he was on the couch, and wrapped her legs around his head. Chadam was shocked at her powerful thighs and tapped. Arianne is one of these unforgiving girls for inflicting pain, in fact, she enjoys it. With lethal legs like hers who can blame her. She uses multiple scissors on him. She even lays him on the arm of the couch, and gets him into some forward and reverse standing scissors. This losers face turned the deepest shade of purple ever. She also got him into a seated scissor and did a brief hand over mouth on him as well.  With so many scissors chadam was on teh verge of actually going out multiple times. Arianne just laughs at his pain and suffering. By the end he drags his sorry ass off the couch and helps her with what she asked him for, being a good little slave.


photoset SSG-VC-090 - Squeezing The Lazy Loser


SSG-VC-090 Squeezeing The Lazy Loser.