SSG-VC-177 Damaging Scissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-177 Damaging Scissors



SSG-VC-177 Damaging Scissors  Zoe brings sexy to a whole  new meaning when it comes to scissoring. She is petite in stature but has mean legs of steel. When she traps chadam between her thighs all he can do is cringe and tap out. She does not leave him any other option other than to literally put him out. With her straight leg scissors she compresses his face firmly in her thighs, as they act like anacondas, with so much pressure his face turning beat red on more than one occasion.  She also does seated and reverse scissors both are which just as powerful. We think he may have drifted off briefly in one of her forward straight leg scissors as it looked like his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Not that Zoe cared, she was hell bent on making sure to inflict as much pain as possible with each scissor she applied. This dark tanned petite goddess is a force to reckon with, and she does so with a cute smile on her face.


SSG-VC-177 Damaging Scissors.

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