SSG-VC-229 The Double Pinup Squeeze

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-229 The Double Pinup Squeeze



SSG-VC-229 The Double Pinup Squeeze  Cynara and Melody team up against chadam in this unique pin up style scissor clip. Both girls hog the couch and Chadam has to sit on the phone so he complains about it. Well Cynara has had enough and gets behind him to scissor him, while Melody mounts his face smothering him. Chadam now endures no breath and the amazonian squeeze of Cynara’s powerful legs wrapped around his neck. The entire clip chadam is punished with headscissors and facesits. They both take pleasure in inflicting pain on him. There were a few times Melody got off and stood beside him so she could watch Cynara go full throttle with her scissors making chadam nearly panic and almost go out numerous times. Their final move Cynara had her legs around his neck, and Melody was facing Cynara sitting on his face. Melody presses down blocking his air, while Cynara cranks on her scissors and squeezes until he stops moving. Once he goes out, Melody puts chadam on the floor and they both go back to sitting on the couch acting as if nothing ever happened.


SSG-VC-229 The Double Pinup Squeeze.

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