SSG-VC-120 Cheerleader Troubles


SSG-VC-120 Cheerleader Troubles  Everyone knows that cheerleaders are in great shape. They have powerful legs and loads of endurance. Arianne shows chadam a thing or two when it comes to being trapped between her sexy thighs. There was no escape for him once she clamped those rock hard thighs around his neck and squeezes the life out of him. With knotted figure fours, to straight legged scissors, he was clearly in pain. Arianne takes pride in her “work” with each scissor precisely locked on, his face turning beat red from the pressure. We just wondered how long it would take before he actually went for a nap. Arianne means business, and with each squeeze her quad muscles ripple with terror across his neck and throat. She knows how to punish her weak little victims, and being dressed as a cheerleader, just makes it all the hotter to watch.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-120 Cheerleader Troubles


SSG-VC-120 Cheerleader Troubles.