SSG-VC-118 Sunshine’s Sexy Squeeze


SSG-VC-118 Sunshine’s Sexy Squeeze  We all know how Sunshine just loves to inflict pain and suffering on her male victims. She has small but very muscular strong legs, perfect for scissoring. Sunshine applis some of the most devastating headscissors in this clip. Her legs are the perfect size to snake around your neck and hit that carotid artery time and time again. Chadam’s face shows the outcome of this numerous times. His moans, grunts and wide eyed scared look on his face proves that she is the scissor queen. He gets trapped in her reverse figure fours, straight legged scissors, forward, and many more. Sunshine takes great pride on inflicting pain, and dominating this whole match entirely just with her lean powerful legs. She leaves chadam quite a mess when this was all over.


photoset SSG-VC-118 Sunshine's Sexy Squeeze
SSG-VC-118 Sunshines Sexy Squeeze.