SSG-VC-025 Crushing Her Loser Boyfriend


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SSG-VC-025 Crushing Her Loser Boyfriend    Paige wanted to go swimming but her boyfriend was not happy with her outfit. He also did not want to go swimming, which did nothing but upset her. She gets really angry at her loser boyfriend and begins to take it out on him. Her legs are extremely powerful and she locks them around his neck. With not much effort she begins to tighten her grip, making his face turn beat red, as he moans out in pain and taps constantly. She uses a multitude of various scissors to inflict pain. His squeals are music to her ears. By the time she was finished with him, he would want to do nothing but sulk, and lick his new wounds. she humiliates him throughout this whole clip, verbally and physically.



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Rates : 3