SSG-VC-207 Tag Team Headscissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-207 Tag Team Headscissors


SSG-VC-207 Tag Team Headscissors  Looks like Chris and Chadam both have their hands full taking on Paige and Bella in a headscissor match. Paige is built with powerful legs, and Bella is just fairly strong. Neither of these guys have a fighting chance as they get caught in head scissors, and even a few body scissors. It’s quite evident that Paige and Bella enjoy squeezing their weaker male counter parts into submission. No matter what they did they got caught up in the thighs of these strong girls, tagging themselves in and out to at least get a small break and to recover. But no amount of recovery helped, they lost the match in  a humiliating head and body scissor fashion, Paige even throwing in a good facesit on chadam at the end.


SSG-VC-207 Tag Team Headscissors.

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