SSG-VC-284 Squeezed Into Submission

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-284 Squeezed Into Submission

SSG-VC-284 Squeezed Into Submission  Arianne and Chris trade some great scissors back and fourth in this clip. Arianne is quite strong and goes after Chris in her humiliating fashion, as she always does. But Chris fights back, even after she traps him in multiple scissors, a breath depriving rear naked choke, and more. Chris gets his revenge by using straight legged scissors combined with hand over mouth really making Arianne fight. He puts on a good rear naked choke himself, pretty much getting her into moves she used on him. For the end of it all, Chris has Arianne in a reverse straight leg scissor, and has her arm trapped in there as well. She could not escape and the pressure around her neck became over bearing and had to quit.


One Comment
  1. workforit20 says:

    Very disappointed to see Arianne couldn’t keep control the entire match!! She could easily put him out with her scissors and smothers. It’s like she just gave up!!