SSG-VC-140 Sexy Thighs Showdown

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-140 Sexy Thighs Showdown

SSG-VC-140 Sexy Thighs Showdown  Harley now pits her strength against tough girl Arianne. Both girls know how to scissor, but this will come down to pain tolerance and sheer power. Each girl have their chance to squeeze her opponent into multiple submissions for 2 min at a time. Pain spreads across both their faces as they are trapped in each others thighs. Harley really dishes out the pain using a standing headscissor while pulling Arianne’s hair making it even more painful. Harley even uses a knotted scissor that has Arianne on the verge of going out. But Arianne gets her chance to seek revenge and uses a forward standing scissor, which we think got more taps than Harley’s did. They both end up in a double scissor showdown, and the taps were hard to keep track of as each girl tapped furiously as the other girl squeezed. This was a battle of the thighs, who’s was more powerful? Who got more taps overall? You have to watch the video and see for yourself!!

photoset SSG-VC-140 Sexy Thighs Showdown


SSG-VC-140 Sexy Thighs Showdown.

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  1. stormy says:

    This was awesome showing the strengths of both opponents get paige doing this