SSG-VC-111 Military Mean Squeeze


SSG-VC-111 Military Mean Squeeze  Raven wild was challenged by Sam to see just how strong her legs really were. Well Raven was dressed in military outfit including the boots and was ready to show Sam just what she was made of. Raven performs a series of different scissors on Sam, each one just as devastating as the last. As raven clamps on her muscular thighs adding pressure to Sams neck it was not long before she had Sam tapping out. She uses knotted figure fours that had Sam’s face all mushed between Raven’s thighs, her face turning every shade of red. Raven was having an absolute blast crushing her BBW victim between her legs. You can see her thigh muscles ripple with each squeeze. She performed most of these scissors to Sam on the couch, even a reverse straight leg, where Raven was holding herself up the whole time, squeezing. Raven is a sexy, sultry woman filled with power and dominance. This scissor video is one not to miss.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-111 Military Mean Squeeze

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SSG-VC-111 Military Mean Squeeze.

  1. Ricardo says:

    Raven Wild is amazing, i wish Raven Wild should have the most number of vídeo of the sexysqueezegirls.

  2. maggotdrowner59 says:

    hugemungas thighs!