CPL-SSG-500 Sam´s Savage Scissor Session

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1x1-pixel CPL-SSG-500 Sam´s Savage Scissor Session

Sam decided to step up to the plate against Savannah Fox in what will be the most grueling headscissor clip Sam has ever done. Sam is not a fan of being in headscissors and she is about to feel the wrath of Savannah’s powerful thighs as they wrap around her neck in multiple scissorholds. Sam takes a seat on the floor, while Savannah sits on the couch and begins with a figure four. Before the camera could even start rolling, Savannah was already digging her calf muscles deep into Sam throat. Sam was shocked at the power Savannah possessed telling her she was really strong. Savannah says back to her ” that was only like 30%” Savannah clamps them back on and cranks up the squeeze. Sam was frantically tapping out all the while coughing trying to catch her breath. Savannah then switches to her other leg, and turns up the pressure, with each tap Sam coughing and weakening more. Savannah then arches her back and goes full tilt into the scissor this time almost putting Sam out as she taps. Savannah then asks “should i give you a minute to catch your breath?”, Savannah ignores Sam’s answer and continues to squeeze. Sam begins to beg Savannah to stop, but instead just squeezes even harder, making Sam’s face go deep purple. As Sam taps Savannah then says ” I think you can take it” only releasing a few more seconds after Sam tapped. Savannah asks if she likes that leg better, since it was her stronger one, and clamps down hard again. Unable to take such pain, Sam frantically taps but Savannah keeps tightening the scissor, then eventually releases it, laughing at Sam. As Sam lay there in pain, she begs again saying please no more, Savannah then says “you know I can go harder” and cranks it on one last time before switching to her next scissor. Savannah decided to use the reverse straight leg scissor still sitting on the couch behind Sam. Savannah works her way into the straight leg and as she begins to squeeze, Sam was already tapping. Savannah then said to Sam “that was barely 5 seconds, you can last longer than that” as she squeezes Sam again. Sam fights her way through the pain in this scissor, obviously not lasting that long with Savannah’s strong muscular thighs wrapped around her neck. For Savannah’s third scissor, she gets into a reverse figure four in front of Sam, doing almost a push up as she holds herself up. After the first tap Sam, almost in tears says to Savannah “why are you so mean to me”. Savannah retorts back by saying “mean? noo I’m not being mean”, “you know what would be mean though”. Savannah leans back grabbing her ankle pulling Sam’s face into her ass and tight into her thighs then says ” this is being mean”. Savannah continues to bury Sam’s face in her ass cheeks as she squeezes Sam who is on the brink of full blown tears now. Savannah then switches legs, and continues to pull Sam’s face into her ass all the while scissoring the life out of her, literally. Sam coughs almost uncontrollably and tries to catch her breath after each squeeze, just to keep herself from going out. the fourth scissor they are now on the mats, Sam’s head jammed into Savannah thighs in a reverse straight leg now. Even after the first squeeze, Sam’s face was already beat red, Savannah was even being nice this time allowing Sam to catch a breath, and finish coughing her lungs out from the immense pressure around her throat. Sam even apologizes to Savannah, saying “I’m sorry”, then Savannah says “well I can make you sorry”, as she arches herself upwards twisting Sam’s neck like a pretzel applying unbearable pressure. Sam tapped Savannah’s ass, then she said “no one touches my ass without permission you understand”. And with that gives Sam 100% of a squeeze, making her tap instantaneously. Sam then apologizes and her remaining taps were on her legs. Savannah’s final scissor was a reverse standing scissor. She grabs a hold of Sam’s ponytail and uses that as leverage as she pulls Sam’s head up more and more into her thighs while squeezing her. Sam;s coughing was almost non stop, and she was begging and pleading with Savannah to stop now. The way that Sam’s head was positioned she was on her knees face down, you can see through the top of her hair, that her head was even red. As the camera was focusing in on Sam’s face she seemed to be struggling to stay awake, and with a few more good squeezes from Savannah’s rock hard thighs, Sam dropped face first to the mats. Savannah just laughs it off as she puts her foot on Sam’s back and says “thanks for trying to last though”, then flexes over a now out Sam. Sam learned her lesson the real hard way in this clip to not challenge a much stronger girl to see if she can withstand their headscissors.

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cpl-ssg-500 Sams Savage Scissor Session.

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