SSG-VC-085 Tyler Crushes Sam

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-085 Tyler Crushes Sam

Sam encounters Tyler in this ultimate scissor match up. Tyler Dare is amazingly strong, has muscular defined thighs that Sam gets trapped between. This was Sam’s very first painful rendez vous and she hope it will be the last. Tyler punishes Sam with anaconda tight scissors, as she locks them around Sam’s neck and forcefully squeezes. You can hear the cries, the taps and the moans coming from Sam with almost each and every squeeze. Tyler was in heaven making Sam squeal and writhe in pain, as horror set in on Sam’s face. Tyler crushes, flexes, poses and squeezes the life from Sam with a standing forward and reverse scissor, that left Sam literally in tears. Tyler showed absolutely no remorse for the damage she caused Sam.

photoset SSG-VC-085 Tyler Crushes Sam


SSG-VC-085 member clip.

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