SSG-VC-081 Scissor Showdown

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SSG-VC-081 Scissor Showdown   Tilly and Bella are challenging one another to be the top scissor queen. Both dressed in thongs and Tilly topless they hammer on scissor after scissor. First they start on take down, Bella traps Tilly in a side headlock and pours on the squeeze. After multiple tap outs, Bella switches to a tight SGP choke pin. This had Tilly tapping out quickly as Bella leans on on her throat and presses hard each time. Tilly’s face winces each time in severe pain. Rolling to her side, Bella traps Tilly in a headscissor. Again, Bella shows no remorse and squeezes ever so tight making Tilly submit over and over. Bella uses other scissors as well to now break down Tilly. Watching as her face turns a nice shade of red combined with purple. Trapped in a reverse figure four, Bella tightens the grip to the point where Tilly actually goes out. Tilly gets up after upset, and lunges at Bella taking her down. She decides to use the exact same holds that Bella used on her as revenge. With side headlocks, a multitude of headscissors, and a throat crushing SGP. Tilly cranks on a reverse smothering style figure four, and keeps Bella trapped for a while in it making her fight to get out. Unfortunately for Bella it was too tight, and there was no escape.

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