SSG-VC-166 Sibling Scissor Rivalry

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-166 Sibling Scissor Rivalry

Well now the sisters Aubrey and Arianne go head to head in a headscissor showdown that has both girls struggling for supremacy. Since they are related things heat up quickly just as any sibling rivalry would. With both Arianne and Aubrey utilizing many knotted, figure four, and straight leg scissors the battle heats up. The struggle continues with both girls vying for escape, and of course revenge. Arianne actually got the upper hand and hammered Aubrey with scissors and even a few facesits for humiliating measure. You can hear and see that Aubrey’s frustration was starting to grow, being trapped and humiliated by her older sister. That was about to change as Aubrey breaks free from Arianne’s grasp and fights back now. Aubrey pummels Arianne with various headscissors that put Arianne in a lot of pain and agony. Aubrey is tough and Arianne is beginning to wear down to the point where she can’t get out or fight back as hard as she could. Aubrey then finishes her sister off with a few good scissors and facesitting of her own, making her the winner of the sibling scissor battle. Arianne is going to want a rematch, so Aubrey better be on her guard.



SSG-VC-166 Sister Scissors.