SSG-VC-311 Power And Beauty

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SSG-VC-311 Power And Beauty  Tori and Feebee are two complete opposites, Tori is aggressive and Feebee can be rather passive. This did not stop Feebee from doing the best she could against the tougher super fit Tori. Unfortunately for Feebee Tori basically has her way with Feebee trapping her in rear naked chokes, also forward and reverse scissors.  Feebee got lucky and managed to get Tori into a headscissor, leaving them both in a headscissor deadlock, that tori won.

Feebee got wore down quick from the strength and power tori has, and she finished off Feebee in a perfect nose in the ass reverse facesit that had Feebee verbally quitting the match.