SSG-VC-238 Tight Denim Domination

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-238 Tight Denim Domination

SSG-VC-238 Tight Denim Domination  Mia and Sara are constantly fighting for the upper hand in this clip. Both girls are tough, can take a lot of pain and are vying to top one another. This is quite a back and fourth match, each scoring some good submissions from headscissors. they both end up in dual headscissors a few times, now it comes down to who can take more pain before tapping. They look quite sexy as they squeeze and their quad muscles bulge through their jeans showing their capabilities of really inflicting pain.

Alas, one girl gets out wrestled, and out scissored, leaving one pinned down under her captor as she facesits her. She is now made to say she verbally quits while the one on top celebrates her victory flipping off her opponent, who mumbled she gives up into her dominant opponents crotch. They also trash talk each other throughout the clip.




SSG-VC-238 Tight Denim Domination.