SSG-VC-066 The Black Squeeze

SSG-VC-066 The Black Squeeze Arianne faces off against A-Low the black cat. This girl literally shows Arianne no remorse when it comes to headscissors. We think A-Low was out for serious revenge on her, taking her scissors to a whole new level. Arianne tries her best to ward off A-Low’s attacks but she gets caught in a slew of painful, crushing scissors. A-Low doesn’t stop there either. She breaks down Arianne using rear naked chokes, front chokes, seated scissors and more. Nothing that Arianne did stopped A-Low, nor could she even get a single move in. A-Low was too quick and powerful for Arianne this time. A-Low certainly brought her A-Game to the mats in this match today. Arianne will be recovering from this humiliating loss, looking to seek some much wanted revenge.

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