SSG-VC-013- Rosalei vs Winter- You’re no match for my legs


SSG-VC-013- Rosalei vs Winter- You’re no match for my legs  Winter comes to CPL in hopes of chalking up a victory against one of the girls. Well today she was pitted against Rosalei, both girls are exact same height and weight. Winter only being 19, and Rosalei 21, this was a perfect set up. It looks from the start that Winter actually gets the jump on Rosalei catching her slipping up and ending up in Winter’s guard. Then all of a sudden Winter straps on her legs around Rosalei’s waist and within mere seconds Rosalei yelps in pain, tapping. This was rather shocking to Rosalei, and is now left trying to escape. Winter pulls Rosalei down into her, and keeps getting taps from her brutal bodyscissors. Desperate to escape Rosalei endures the pain with a few more taps finally escapes. Now it was total payback time, and Rosalei dishes out some absolutely punishing headscissors. Winter struggles fiercely to escape, but Rosalei has her right where she wants her. With so many various scissors and even rear naked chokes, Winter is practically in tears. Rosalei has an eveil little grin on her face as she tortured Winter. Winter was out of steam, out of fight, and hurting badly and gives up to Rosalei with a disappointing victory for her.




Rates : 0