SSG-VC-010- Hooters Girls Scissorfest


SSG-VC-010- Hooters Girls Scissorfest  Lots of guys fantasize about hooter chicks. Well this is the perfect match to make fantasy a reality. Rosalei and Bella are both dressed like the waitresses, quite sexy looking i may add. The match starts off and Rosalei gets Bella down. she mounts her in a tight schoolgirl pin then gets her into a seated scissor. Then she turns it into  rolling side scissor and as she squeezes you can see the fright and near panic on Bella’s face. From there it fades into Bella on top now, catching Arianne in the exact same scissor, almost like she wants to pay her back. Rosalei is now out, and uses her reverse scissor digging deep leaving no room for escape. As Rosalei tightens the grip it doesn’t take long for Bella to tap. She actually has to take gulps of air when Rosalei loosens, for fear of going out. Holding the reverse on for some time, Rosalei switches back to her front scissors. she literally laughs at Bella watching her face get crushed between her thighs. From there on in, there was no escape for Bella. She suffers having to endure a few more seated scissors, and straight legged ones until Bella just couldn’t take it. Bella quits, and Rosalei sits proudly on top of Bella’s throat pressing her chin into her crotch as she dominantly flexes, posing over a humiliated Bella.