SSG-VC-088 Outsqueezed The Amazon


SSG-VC-088 Outsqueezed The Amazon  Bella takes on Cynara her amazonian rival. Neither girl like each other and it shows once they hit the mats together. Bella is much smaller than Cynara, but Bella is fully aware of Cynara’s weak spot, her neck. Cynara is somewhat afraid to take on Bella in an all out scissor match due to her powerful legs. Knowing this Cynara tries to stay clear of them, but unfortunately for her, she finds herself planted deep inside Bella’s thighs and suffering from a barrage of scissors that she unleashes. Cynara certainly fights back hard, countering Bella with scissors of her own, making this battle more intense. The pain and strain that shows on both their faces tells it all. There were a few times that Cynara tries to escape Bella’s intense scissorholds, but fails. Bella even didn’t want to loosen the grip even after Cynara tapped out. Bella was punished in Cynara’s thick vice like grip, but as the match wears down to a close, one girl is quite winded and in pain. the last scissorhold that was applied was the finisher, Bella had Cynara right where she wanted her, and made Cynara verbally quit. This was utterly humiliating for her having to quit to her smaller foe.




SSG-VC-088 member clip.