SSG-PS-050 Shanya’s Sexy Squeeze

SSG-PS-050 Shanya’s Sexy Squeeze  Shanya is a muscular and very sexy blonde. Her legs are extremely powerful, and her thigh power is amazing. Once trapped in her headscissors, there is no escaping, and the pain is intense. She has no problem securing a vice like grip around her opponents head, making them tap out repeatedly. With her combination of scissorholds, there is no stopping her from crushing everything in her grip. In this set chadam is the victim, who suffers greatly at the hands of his blonde dominatrix. From smother reverse figure fours, to straight legged ones, chadam stands no chance. Shanya has legs of steel, once caught between them, you are forever at her mercy.


  1. Jim says:

    Please consider releasing some of these Shanya videos. She’s so hot & has a phenomenal squeeze!

  2. Philip says:

    Hi. Do you have the first and last videos for sale from the pictures? I know some of these are available on your C4S store but I can’t find the others. Thanks