SSG-PS-007 Feebee vs Mia The Beginner

SSG-PS-007 Feebee vs Mia The Beginner  Here we have pics from Mia and Feebee’s training and a few matches. This was in Feebee’s early stages of starting out, and just from these pics alone she picked up fairly quickly. Mia was rather shocked at the power and muscle that Feebee possessed with her scissors. In fact, Mia was caught in quite a few of them, and in most, it was not long before Mia tapped out. Feebee has just the right sized quads to dig in deep around the neck when she clamps those legs down. Mia had the perfect view of Feebee’s tight shaped ass in reverse, accenting her rippling muscles as she squeezed Mia’s between them. Mia manages to sneak in a few of her own, showing Feebee just what it is like to be stuck in head scissors. But Feebee was able to get out, and counter with more neck crushing scissors of her own. There are plenty of hi quality pics in this set. And who wouldn’t want this hot little blonde in their collection of photos? Am I right? Grab these today!!