SSG-PS-020 Waitresses Gone Wild

SSG-PS-020 Waitresses Gone Wild  Bella and Rosalei are both dressed as waitresses and are fighting over tips and tables. Unfortunately for Bella she finds herself on the receiving end of being trapped in Rosalei’s head scissors. Now Bella is a gluten for punishment and has proven over and over that she can take a lot. But Rosalei was going to make sure that she put her scissor skills to the test and punish Bella. Once Bella was trapped between Rosalei’s powerful thighs, there was no escaping. Rosalei made sure to use as many head scissors as possible to wear down and crush Bella’s poor little head with. Rosalei’s front and reverse straight legged scissor proved to be the most damaging of all. With Bella’s face trapped tight, Rosalei pours on the pressure having Bella quickly tap out from the pain. Now Rosalei has Bella right where she wants her. She used many different head scissors, each one just as rough as the first, sometimes looking down into Bella’s face as she squeezes. Rosalei was low key quite the sado, and took pleasure in making Bella panic and tap out. Bella made sure that she was able to at least retaliate back with scissors of her own. That moment was short lived as Rosalei kept turning the tables on Bella. Great pic set here.