SSG-VC-050 Dangerous Legs


SSG-VC-050 Dangerous Legs  Arianne puts Chris to the test of her powerful thighs in this clip. She gets the chance to use multiple scissors on him just to see what he can take. Everyone knows Chris is a real weakling when it comes to fighting girls, so Arianne took advantage of this moment.  She clamps on her first scissor, her notorious reverse straight legged scissor. Chris was dreading ever agreeing to do this now, as Arianne slowly closes the gap and tightens her grip around his neck. His face is literally forced into her ass as she applies full force, turning Chris’s face a deep red. His face lights up with fear as he is almost put out a few times. Arianne switches to her next most powerful scissor, in fact this one she used to actually K.O. a few people with, her knotted side figure four. Chris’s veins literally popped out of his head and Arianne kept applying more and more pressure. Chris was nearly lights out quite a few times in this clip, and to see the full outcome of her sexy scissorholds, buy the full clip. You will not be disappointed in her stellar squeeze performance.
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