SSG-VC-145 The Singlet Squeezes


SSG-VC-145 The Singlet Squeezes  Bella is dressed in her wrestling singlet and puts Chadam through the ringer with her complete ability to dominate with just using headscissors. Bella turned it up a notch by throwing in seated scissors combined with facesitting. Her reverse figure four headscissor( which was taught to her by Kristie Etzold) was phenomenal. As she locks that one on, fear sets in rather quickly as she starts to squeeze. Chadam’s face was also rammed far into Bella’s ass the tighter she squeezed. This hold was impossible to escape from. It seemed as though the harder Chadam struggled to get out, the harder Bella went on him. All his power was quickly  gone, as her legs snaked around his neck, the pain was unbearable. On the brink of going out multiple times, Chadam was defenseless against this little powerhouses thighs.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-145 The Singlet Squeezes


SSG-VC-145 The Singlet Squeezes.