SSG-VC-155 Zoe’s Dangerous Thighs

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-155 Zoe's Dangerous Thighs

SSG-VC-155 Zoe’s Dangerous Thighs   We now introduce a new comer, sexy and sultry Zoe. This girl has many hidden strengths and her size is very deceiving. She is not overly big, but her legs are extremely powerful and she knows just how to utilize them. In this scissor clip, Zoe uses multiple different scissors to showcase her strength and power. Her legs are the perfect size for getting right into the crease of the neck and wrap tightly around, able to squeeze with little ease. Chadam suffers at the hands of Zoe, and there are a few scissors we are almost certain she made him drift for a few seconds. His face turned dark red quite a few times, and the noises he made, well we are not even sure what Zoe did to make him sound that way. Her reverse straight leg scissor was detrimental, Chadams face lit up with sheer panic a few times in it. His eyes literally bulged out of his head as she applied the scissors. She uses a few reverse headscissors that cuts his air flow off completely. Not only is he trapped in her thighs being squeezed, he also can’t breathe either. This girl is stunning, and with all of her scissors, you can see her leg muscles ripple throughout her thighs the tighter she cranks on her scissors. Zoe was enjoying inflicting pain and damage on chadam. There are a few times when he tapped, she just ignored it and kept the scissor on tight. Zoe even uses a reverse figure four that was so tight, his face was also buried in her ass really making him struggle.  This all comes down now to sheer technique, and we are sure that Zoe is going to be a perfect fit here, easily taking out her opponents, one squeeze, or smother at a time.


SSG-VC-155 Zoe The Newcomers Squeeze.

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