SSG-VC-283 Fight For The Win

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-283 Fight For The Win

SSG-VC-283 Fight For The Win

Savage Sage is out to try and destroy her smaller more resilient opponent Eve. All seems to be going well as Sage incorporates the use of her very long legs to wrap around Eve.  Using a very effective figure four body scissor Sage seems to be in control.  While trying to keep Eve trapped she combines the body scissor and uses a dragon sleeper, really wrenching on Eve’s neck. Eve fights hard to break free and finally just gets her head loose. She struggles to unlock Sage’s legs. The action spills all over the mats, Sage using every ounce of strength she had to detain her strong adversary. Sage’s face was flush, showing signs of weakening, as she can no longer hold  onto Eve anymore. Even a chin lock could not stop Eve.

Once Eve breaks free Sage was in serious trouble.  Eve gets a straight leg scissor on and cranks up the squeeze. It didn’t take much to break down and already exhausted Sage, and Eve turns up the heat now. She traps Sage in a weird figure four head scissor, and grabs one of her legs stretching it right out. Sage struggles not to go out from the scissor, and she literally could not budge at all. Sage knew it was all over for her. All that work fighting hard to keep Eve at bay, now wasted, as Eve submits her making her say she quits as Sage was well on her way to going out if she didn’t quit.