SSG-VC-249 Big Girl Issues

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-249 Big Girl Issues

SSG-VC-249 Big Girl Issues  Mia takes on the tenacious Aubrey in this scissor match. Since Mia quite a height and weight advantage over Aubrey, she was certainly going to use that against her. The clip starts out with Aubrey already having Mia in a seated scissor facesit combo with Mia’s arms pinned high above her head. Then the action quickly changes where Mia now has Aubrey in a side straight leg head scissor. She utilizes this moment to subdue and crush Aubrey’s head between her massive thighs. Aubrey squints and winces in pain with each squeeze. It really looks as though Aubrey might be in serious trouble, Mia continually scissors Aubrey breaking her smaller opponent down.

Aubrey gets a big break, as Mia tries to transition into another hold, Aubrey escapes. Mia tries to get away but Aubrey was hot on her trail and gets behind Mia and locks on an intense rear naked choke. Now with her bigger rival caught Aubrey shows no mercy. She tightens her grip around Mia’s neck and squeezes her arms and body scissors her at the same time.

Seeing that Mia is wearing down, Aubrey manages to get her legs up around Mia’s neck. Now sitting behind Mia, Aubrey snaps her legs closed and pulls Mia’s arms back above her head. You can see Aubrey’s chiseled quads flex as she intensifies the squeeze, Mia flailing her feet to tap out. Aubrey switches to a very tight figure four, and with very little pressure is able to get taps from Mia.

Mia is now too weak to escape and is at the mercy of her smaller stronger opponent. Aubrey does not let up on Mia and nearly puts her out a few times with Mia making squealing noises and literally choking. Tap after tap, squeeze after squeeze Mia actually drifts off two times. Aubrey then moves into her famous reverse seated scissor facesit jamming her ass into Mia’s face. As Mia taps, Aubrey barely lifts up making Mia panic for air.

Aubrey then humiliates Mia with reverse facesits and chin pushes as she drives her ass into Mia’s neck. Grabbing a fist full of Mia’s hair, Aubrey slams down onto her face until Mia finally admits defeat. Aubrey jumps into forward sitting on Mia’s neck slaps her in the face a few times and still wants to punish Mia even more. Aubrey goes in for a forward facesit, verbally trashes Mia, then flexes proudly on her BBW asserting her dominance.

One Comment
  1. kinyguy21 says:

    This was hot watching Aubrey beat up Mia, man she is ruthless. For a small girl she really handled Mia and humiliated her. Love the hairpull into the ass smothering.