SSG-VC-186 Hardcore Gi Squeeze



1x1-pixel SSG-VC-186 Hardcore Gi Squeeze

SSG-VC-186 Hardcore Gi Squeeze  Rosalei shows off her unique grappling talents in this clip. She is quite strong for her size and easily works chadam over on the mats using various techniques.  Rosalei possesses superior strength putting chadam into inescapable holds. She goes from hold  to hold each one just as damaging as the last. Her suffers rear naked chokes, rib crushing body scissors, and a multitude of headscissors. She has no remorse punishing chadam. You will see his face turn exceptionally red throughout the match, and be on the verge of going out numerous times. Rosalei’s skill is just way too advanced for chadam finding himself trapped over and over. Rosalei even clamps on a lotus lock almost dislocating his shoulders.  Her straight leg forward and reverse scissors are truly a sight to behold, those seem to be her most powerful ones. By the end of this clip, chadam is hurt, neck is crushed, and so is his ego. Being defeated by this amazingly sexy blonde was humiliating for him to say the least.


SSG-VC-186 Hardcore Gi Squeeze.