SSG-VC-115 The Ebony Scissor Queen


SSG-VC-115 The Ebony Scissor Queen  A-Low cat steps onto the scissor scene to give chadam  dose of real squeeze power, ebony style. Chadam finds out that A-Low may be small in stature, but she has rock hard thighs that lock around his neck, and can really pour on the squeeze. A-Low showcases her various scissors wrapping her muscular thighs around chadam’s neck, applying squeeze by squeeze. she certainly takes great pleasure in making chadam suffer and even enjoys the humiliation factor. A-Low is quick with her transitions moving from one scissor to another trapping chadam before he could even do anything. It looked like there were a few times he was even going to go out. A-Low clamped on a great reverse scissor with chadam face down, and squeezed while slapping his ass, A-Low completely dominating. By the time A-Low was done performing her amazing scissor routine, chadam suffered with straight leg, reverse, knotted and more scissor he was clearly finished.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-115 The Ebony Scissor Queen

photoset SSG-VC-115 The Ebony Scissor Queen


SSG-VC-115 The Ebony Scissor Queen.