SSG-VC-243 Vicious girls

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-243 Vicious girls

SSG-VC-243 Vicious girls- Seems like Eve has really worked her way up the ranks having many wins under her belt now. But facing Arianne is never an easy task. Eve’s confidence gets an automatic boost once she secures Arianne in a seated scissor in the beginning. Eve starts taunting and mouthing Arianne saying ” I thought you were stronger than that Arianne”. As Arianne fights and struggles to get out, Eve simply tightens the grip making Arianne cough from being choked.

Eve then begins to punish Arianne with reverse figure four head scissors and straight leg ones. Once Eve rolls to her side, making the hold even tighter, Arianne turns red and starts coughing again. Finally Arianne was able to roll on top of Eve and break the scissor. Quickly, Arianne puts on a knotted reverse figure four really cranking it on. She goes from that to straight leg then to a seated smother scissor. Eve was so desperate she tries to bridge out of the scissor almost snapping her own neck ion the process.

Arianne was slowly draining Eve of her strength doing what she does best, defeating big mouthed victims. Eve was put through some rigorous scissors, straight, figure fours, seated and more. Then Arianne turns around and puts on a weird straight leg and converts that to a figure four. Arianne then asks her what the pain level was from 1-10. Big mistake Eve said zero. Tightening her thighs like an anaconda Eve was quick to say 10 after that.  With a vicious reverse straight leg locked on tight, Eve was literally finished. Arianne asks her again what the pain level was, but it was too late, she had already KO’d Eve. Sam behind the camera had to tell Arianne she was out. Lesson learned here for Eve. Rematch awaiting these two again soon, Eve looking for revenge.