SSG-VC-192 Aggressive Scissor Vixens

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-192 Aggressive Scissor Vixens
1x1-pixel SSG-VC-192 Aggressive Scissor Vixens

SSG-VC-192 Aggressive Scissor Vixens  This match has Kiera facing off against the smaller tougher Eve. We wanted to see how these two would interact as Kiera is  in a higher weight class and is also taller than Eve. Much to Kiera’s surprise, Eve was much stronger than she anticipated.  Thinking it was going to be an easy win, Kiera now has to amp up her performance if she was going to defeat Eve. These 2 go at one another in such a fierce manner, we almost thought a fight was going to break out. Emotions run high, energy is being burned, and tempers are near out of control. Kiera and Eve are both alpha females and neither like to be on the losing end. Headscissors were exchanged in some pretty unorthodox manner as each girl fights through the pain not wanting to tap. They both struggle for control and the upper hand, Eve getting quite a few taps from Kiera. All that did was upset Kiera and make her fight even harder to beat Eve now. At one point Kiera trapped Eve in a headscissor that nearly made her go out, as Eve tapped extremely quick. Eve retaliated delivering a handful of forward, reverse and side scissors as she does what she can to break down her heavier stronger opponent. Kiera stepped it up and began to dominate with painfully neck wrenching scissors, and unfortunately for Eve the scissors proved to be too much for even her to take. With that being said, Kiera had won the match, but Eve certainly gave Kiera a run for her money, and did not go out without an amazing fight to the very finish.


SSG-VC-192 Aggressive Scissor Vixens.