SSG-VC-189 Paige’s POV Pleasure

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-189 Paige's POV Pleasure

SSG-VC-189 Paige’s POV Pleasure  Paige takes it to Arianne in this POV clip. Paige handles the camera herself giving you a birds eye view of the pain and suffering she is inflicting upon Arianne. She starts out with some straight leg scissors, and slowly squeezes Arianne’s head between her muscular thighs. You can see pain written all over Arianne’s face with each powerful squeeze that Paige locks on. Not only does Paige scissor Arianne, she also sits up and gives her a good dose of facesitting. The camera pointing straight down seeing Arianne’s face trapped in Paige’s crotch. You can hear Arianne’s repeated muffled cries of pain, that only delights Paige’s ears. There is loads of trash talk between them as Arianne is quite cocky and arrogant. That all ends when Paige pours on the pressure shutting Arianne up. In fact, we think Paige shuts Arianne up once and for all at the end of the clip, making it a bitter sweet defeat for Paige.


SSG-VC-189 Paige’s POV Pleasure.