SSG-VC-151 Trouble In Thigh Paradise


1x1-pixel SSG-VC-151 Trouble In Thigh Paradise

Arianne shows no mercy in this with chadam taking him down in a headlock flip. She quickly locks on a side control arm bar headlock and tightens her arms around his neck. Wasn’t long before Arianne whips into reverse and uses a smothering north south pin to help break chadam down. From there she moves onto her straight leg scissor, and as she tightens the squeeze, you can hear chadam moaning and grunting from the pain. She seems to hold her straight leg scissor for an eternity, or at least we are sure that’s how it felt on chadam. His neck was suffering some devastating scissors, and he was fighting to stay conscious in them. Arianne gets him in a north south choke and moves into a reverse knotted scissor digging her calf muscle deep into his throat. Then onto her straight leg, her powerhouse go to scissor to inflict loads of pain. Arianne uses a full nelson bodyscissor, one move chadam could barely take at all as he yelps out loud in pain. After that he needed a break, but then finds himself trapped beneath Arianne once again in a reverse choke pin. She thinks it’s time for more punishment in her reverse straight leg, and off she goes, trying to pop his head right off. she tosses in a few good figure fours for added humiliation and punishment. Chadam was on the verge of going out multiple times, as Arianne releases the straight leg scissor leaving him on the mats. The camera fades back in, now with Arianne sitting on chadam’s back with his face rammed into her feet. She grabs his hair yanking his head up saying “tell everybody who won”, since he could not respond fast enough, she shoved his face between the soles of her feet making him say who won. Finally he says “arianne won”, and she told him to kiss her feet as punishment. She holds his face in her feet while she flexes for her audience.


SSG-VC-151 Trouble In Thigh Paradise.