SSG-VC-139 All Star Football Scissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-139 All Star Football Scissors


SSG-VC-139 All Star Football Scissors.

SSG-VC-139 All Star Football Scissors Arianne was on a destructive rampage today looking to cause some serious damage with her thighs. Dressed in her fantasy football outfit, she was looking sexy as hell. It showcases her perfectly chiseled thighs and legs, that chadam find soon wrapped around his neck. Arianne is very skilled at applying scissors, and makes good work of that. She goes from one scissor to another, making chadam gasp, moan and screech in pain, watching his face turn as red as her panties. She applied a straight leg scissor that was so powerful he looked like he was going to tap, but waited to long and actually goes out. Her reverse scissor is amazing as she snakes her legs around his neck, clenches her butt cheeks and delivers a phenomenal squeeze. WE think he went out 2 times in this clip. Arianne is proud of her work, and flexes at the end showcasing her alpha female dominance.

  1. fuck says:

    this is my favorite girl in the website

  2. Jones says:

    One of my favorites! Always wondered if Arianne offered sessions

  3. maggotdrowner59 says:

    If Arianne don’t ease up she’s gonna be on a manslaughter charge!

  4. stormy says:

    Do like the videos, but when someone is ko’d u should really give them some time to come around, I know the female has to show a dominant side, but he was ko’d and then almost immediately put in to same hold, no wonder takes time week to recover to next video. Good content reverse always good from all the girls. But guidelines clearly say on KO’s u r to give even if it’s 10 seconds to fully recover know surroundings

    • admin says:

      I believe your right, the girls can become quite vicious with their holds and once I am actually ko’d I have told them from now on to allow more time to recover and come to. It takes me quite some time to recover depending on the severity of the match and number of KO’s, or how they did them.

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