SSG-VC-032 – Rosalei Defeats Paige


joinnow SSG-VC-032 - Rosalei Defeats Paige
This clip was a matter of size and power vs strength. Paige is extremely strong, and has put the hurt on alot of opponents in the past. This was her first time going against the smaller blonde, Rosalei. Paige was given a run for her money, as she quickly finds out that Rosalei is much stronger and quicker than she looked. Now Paige was fighting just to fend off Rosalei as they both fought for top dominating position. Each of them trap one another in compromising positions making one another tap. You will see headlock/body scissors, sgp chokes, rear naked chokes that have one girl almost panicking. Now it all comes down to leg endurance, and Rosalei shows Paige she is a force to reckon with. Paige is trapped now in forward scissors that have her tapping out a multitude of times, unable to escape. Rosalei maintains complete control over Paige and dominates with bone and neck crushing scissors that literally end the match with an exhausted Paige quitting.




photoset SSG-VC-032 - Rosalei Defeats Paige