SSG-VC-077 – Scissor Issues

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SSG-VC-077 – Scissor Issues  Chadam is set to face off against Cynara. She was dressed in her tight leather pants ready to squeeze the life out of him. Cynara is an amazon with thick legs and muscular thighs and can punish her victims easily once trapped in them. With her skin tight leather pants on she wraps her legs around his neck constantly in different scissorholds, applying as much pressure as she can. Wincing in pain with each hold chadam has a hard time taking the pain and taps constantly. Cynara is not the type to show any mercy either, being an alpha female, males are slaves to her torture. She has quite the mean streak on her too, the more pain she dishes out, the happier she becomes. Judging by chadam’s face though, he wasn’t enjoying it quite so much.



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