SSG-VC-084 The Big Squeeze

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-084 The Big Squeeze

SSG-VC-084 The Big Squeeze Trina is an amazonian BBW standing at almost 5’11 and weighing it at a solid hefty 190lbs. She goes at chadam today with nothing but scissor holds. Trina has massive thighs, and they hold alot of serious squeezing power. Chadam is trapped over and over in her tree trunk sized thighs, his head being crushed between them. From forward to reverse scissors, Chadam goes through pain and humiliation as Trina locks on squeeze after squeeze. Trina clearly enjoys inflicting damage on chadam, she even laughs and taunts him while doing so. Great showcase of an amazon BBW destroying her smaller victim on squeeze at a time.

photoset SSG-VC-084 The Big Squeeze


SSG-VC-084 the Big Squeeze.