SSG-VC-056 Headscissor Showdown


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SSG-VC-056 Headscissor Showdown – Arianne and Cynara challenge one another to a competitive headscissor match. Cynara is much taller and heavier than Arianne, but Arianne has legs of steel and is quite strong for her size. Arianne also knows that Cynara’s weak spot, is her neck. That was her plan, on how to destroy Cynara. Througout this hard fought match, both girls exchange multiple scissors in all different ways to score points and tap outs. From striaght legged reverse and forward, to knotted figure fours, each girl  was becoming winded and sore. Cynara’s face certainly told a story of fear as she was trapped in Arianne’s scissors, over and over. Surprised at her strength and her stamina, Arianne was taking quite the lead on her bigger opponent. Now feeling the exhaustion, Cynara was struggling to even fight back, giving up all urges to want to submit, but seemingly that was her only option. Cynara now lays trapped in her smaller opponents thighs, giving up to her tougher rival, vowing for revenge.

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