SSG-VC-021 I’m Gonna Whoop Your Ass

 joinnow SSG-VC-021 I'm Gonna Whoop Your Ass

This match was an intense battle between two equal sized girls. Both know how to headscissor and can cause damage with them. That wasn’t the only trick they used against one another. Arianne and Rosalei are always fighting to be in the top spot. From rear naked chokes, to forward and reverse scissors, one girl takes the match one step further. She drags her opponent to her feet and literally chokes her using a standing rear naked choke, ending it all, chalking up a much deserved victory.

photoset SSG-VC-021 I'm Gonna Whoop Your Ass



  1. herb316 says:

    is there anywhere I can buy the video of this match please? Clips4sale? Main CPL webpage?

    I would buy this for sure 🙂

  2. chanseychaser says:

    There isnt an option to buy this video