SSG-VC-190 Aubreys High Pressure KO

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-190 Aubreys High Pressure KO

SSG-VC-190 Aubreys High Pressure KO  The beautiful goddess Aubrey steps out onto the mats in her gold outfit which consisted of her underwear, gold top, and gold high heel boots. She is a force to reckon with when it comes to inflicting pain.  Aubrey is sadistic and thoroughly enjoys dominating her opponents, especially squeezing the life out of them. Her thighs are powerful, and dangerous and having them wrapped around chadam’s head is right where he does not want to be stuck. From the start she gets the upper hand with the take down and wasted no time jumping on top. She secures his head between her thighs and rolls to her side kicking her legs out straight. She begins to squeeze and quite quickly chadam is already tapping. Aubrey stares into his eyes watching him wince in pain with each squeeze she applies. She trash talks him calling him a pussy, then she switches to a tight figure four. She adjusts her legs to make sure his head is nice and tight in her thighs, as she amps up the pressure, still trash talking and belittling him. Aubrey then positions herself into a reverse straight leg scissor, closing the gap around his neck. As she squeezes his eyes fill with terror as he taps. Aubrey then says “whats the matter bitch, that’s not even 25% bitch.” Aubrey then tucks one leg behind his head and locks on an extremely tight reverse smothering figure four. She even leans back using no hands to crank up the pressure showing just how easy it is to scissor and to inflict maximum pain. she reaches back and pulls her leg, as chadam makes gasping and choking sounds trying not to actually go out. Aubrey continually rocks back burying his face in her ass, while the scissor tightens more and more. After teasing taunting and squeezing him more, Aubrey turns into forward. She gives him a short facesit while she re positions herself into and straight leg scissor. This time she rolls onto her back, his face jammed between her thighs. The shades of red his face was turning was rather amusing, clearly you can see by the expression on his face he was becoming quite terrified.  Wore out, and breathless, Aubrey releases the hold and easily rolls chadam onto his back now. With chadam still trying to catch his breath, Aubrey climbs on top in reverse again using her famous figure four smother scissor. You can see her clench her ass muscles as her ass engulfs his face her thighs rippling with muscle. she keeps the scissor on and rolls to the side, then switching to a straight leg. Chadam is near desperation as he panics tapping frantically. Aubrey then gets back on top in a reverse pin and says “are you ready” she then snaps on a reverse straight leg scissor. Already drained of energy Aubrey begins to squeeze and chadam’s legs actually start to tremble, he taps only a few times but then he stops moving. the camera girl then says ” I think you knocked him out”. You can actually hear him snore as his head hits the mats once Aubrey released him. Aubrey turns around and puts one knee on his chest and says “what a pussy, that was only 60% of my strength”, “imagine with 100%.” Aubrey then flexes her chiseled biceps for the camera, leaving chadam to slowly come to on the mats.


SSG-VC-190 Aubreys High Pressure KO.

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