SSG-PS-066 – Sarah’s Scissor Mayhem

SSG-PS-066 – Sarah’s Scissor Mayhem  the famous Sarah Brooke challenges chadam to test her headscissors. Not far into this, you can tell he was regretting that decision. Sarah is tough, strong and full of endurance. Her thighs are rock hard and with each squeeze she causes maximum pain as shown on chadam’s face. Sarah’s speed switching from scissor to scissor always kept chadam on his toes, but once she locked on, it was game over. Chadam did not last very long as he was blacking out in some of her powerful scissors. Even with chadam trying to pry her legs apart proved useless. Sarah certainly drained his strength and ability to fight back quickly. There was nothing he could do each time she clamped on a new scissor, but hope to not go out on the mats. From standing scissors, to knotted figure fours, to even a few creative ones herself, chadam was rendered helpless between this gorgeous girls thighs.